Our program changes lives, in a miraculous way. Read on to learn more about how access to our program has changed the lives of so many children and their families.

Stories about The Next Step Academy

  • Houston Chronicle Article

    Miracles and Autism are two terms that don’t typically go together, but for the families with children on the autism spectrum who attend The Next Step Academy (NSA), miracles are a common part of their daily lives, thanks to the efforts of an extraordinary young woman by the name of Lauren Harrington Abel and her dedicated staff.

    The miracles begin promptly at 8:30 Monday morning when the children arrive for school, ready to begin their week, excited to see their teachers and happy to reconnect with school friends after a weekend apart. These miracles continue throughout the week as Lauren and her team work tirelessly with their students tackling individual neurodevelopment, relationship and behavior goals, while also mastering classroom behaviors and grade-level academics.

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  • Former NSA Teacher

    I just wanted to tell you that I have now worked in three different Autism programs and I can honestly say that what you provide the kids is by far the BEST education.

    I also hope that I can bring what you taught me to the public school system. Because of you I have seen miracles and I know more than anyone else at the school the potential these kids have. And because of you I believe in them more than anyone else. So basically I just wanted to tell you to keep doing what you are doing. You are changing the face of autism and hopefully someday your methods can be in the public system and change the way everyone looks at Autism. InSNC rocks!

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  • D.D.

    [I like that] sensory and motor planning issues are incorporated into the program. [My child's] conversation skills have greatly increased. [My oldest son] can sit at a desk and complete his work independently! [My children] are becoming more confident and independent.

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  • Christina H.

  • Barbara H.

    We really like that [NSA]…..focuses on sensory integration which other organizations are ignoring. You all do activities that feed that [child’s] sensory need. You all truly understand the autistic child in ways that other ‘schools’ do not. [Our child] now answers yes and no questions. This is huge! Before, we did not even know if he understood anything we said to him because he never responded. You all truly understand the autistic child in ways that other ‘schools’ do not.


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  • NSA Parent

    [I like that the staff] challenges kids to do their best. [My] child is more engaged, communicative and seems happier.

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  • NSA Parent 2

    [The Next Step Academy] works on physical, academic and social areas for developing a balanced, whole child approach.

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  • NSA Parent 3

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - Next Step Day

    Today has been another great day! God has taken the doubts of yesterday and lovingly reminded me why we are doing this and how POWERFUL HE IS!

    Today Joshua was very excited to be at Next Step when we arrived, so excited that he was jumping up and down with shallow breathing. However, as soon as he was asked to hang up his backpack, he was very upset. I wondered about how his day would go. I thought about how big of a change this is for him and how confusing it must be to work in the summer, to work with a school one day, mom the next, to work in a space that has always been church to him and a place for fun and free play. Wondering about the day, I left him alone with his precious therapist Reyna, preparing to come back later for my training session.

    When I came back, I found a different child! Joshua seemed much more settled, relaxed, and happy when I got there in the afternoon. He was happy to see me and not anxious about me being there, which was a change. During our time together with Ms. Reyna, I got to see several things…

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  • NSA Parent 4

    We had him [our son] tested yearly through another organization. His overall IQ score increased by 20 points after only 6 months at NSA. My husband and I knew that full time placement at The Next Step Academy was the key to our son's progress.

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