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Our programs support the development of strong Core Foundational Skills for Learning, enabling students to grow in new and exciting ways. The individualized nature of our program, including small classroom sizes (max of 6) and small student to teacher ratios (1:1 or 2:1), provides the support our students need to get to the next step in their developmental process.

We integrate supplemental activities into our program:

 Music Therapy  Performing Arts  Art Class  Cooking Physical Education
 Drum Class  Science  Social Studies  Community Trips Brain Gym

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“To serve the special needs community by providing resources and education to better the lives of special needs children and their families.”

We are a non-profit extension of A Future for All made possible with the help of The Next Step Academy.


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Private Sessions (1:1)

After completing the Initial Program Development process, sessions can be scheduled in 1.5 - 3 hour blocks at times throughout the week and on Saturdays. These sessions work well for children who need additional support in certain areas of development on a supplemental basis, several times per week. Often times children who are transitioning into our part or full time programs, will begin with Private Sessions, and work up to a longer day.

Core Foundations Classroom (1:1)

This classroom is designed for students who need the support of 1:1 instruction to be successful, however are ready for more group and peer interactions. There is a large amount of emphasis on the Core Foundations for Learning, focusing much of the time on building neurological connections and resources, learning basic relationship skills for successful interactions with others, and developing a repertoire of functional behaviors that allow them to be an active participant in their environment. Students in this classroom work certain periods of the day in direct instruction, and spend other parts of the day in dyads (2-person groups) or small group settings. Even when in a group, they continue to receive 1:1 instructional support from a teacher throughout the day. This is a developmentally based classroom and there is no average age range for this setting.

Lower Elementary Classroom (1:1)

This classroom is designed for students who are just developing abilities to be in a classroom, and who require support to learn the ins and outs of self-regulation and group readiness. There is a large level of emphasis on the development of the Core Foundations for Learning, as well as the skills and abilities required to focus and attend, develop and maintain friendships and learn to work with and without support from an adult. Although it is a developmentally based classroom, students in this class tend to range from 5-9 years old.

Upper Elementary Classroom (1:1)

This classroom is designed for students who have developed some basic skills in self-regulation, communication and the ability to follow the schedule and framework of the school day. While the Core Foundations for Learning are a key part of their day, there is an equal amount of emphasis on independence in self-regulation and group readiness. At this level the students are learning to independently initiate the activities and meet the expectations that are set in the environment and by the teachers. Although it is a developmentally based classroom, students in this class tend to range from 9-13 years old.

Middle School Classroom (1:1)

This classroom is designed for students who are maturing into adolescents. It is designed to develop the independent self-care skills needed for real life, as well as encourage independent thinking, choice making, cognitive abilities and academics. The Core Foundations for Learning are a key element in their day, and there is more exposure to more matured ways to organize the brain-body system (such as through exercise), to be in relationship with both peers and adults, and to conduct oneself in different environments. At this level, the students are beginning to self-manage, make choices based on the outcomes they desire, and develop a greater sense of what their strengths and talents are. Teachers also expose students to different areas of vocation, looking for areas in which they may have a future job that they not only like, but can succeed at. Although it is a developmentally based classroom, students in this class tend to range from 12-16 years old.

Parent & Sibling Coaching

A key element to the successful generalization of the skills learned at NSA is the coaching time spent with both parents and siblings. As the student develops new skills, abilities and resources, the family also needs to develop new skills, abilities and resources. Parent and Sibling Coaching is strongly encouraged in combination with any of our programs. Coaching for other family members, as well as caregivers, is also available.

Abel Outdoor Recreation

Abel Outdoor Recreation

Spending time outdoors, engaged in physical activity, is an excellent way to work on the Core Foundations for Learning. Currently, activities include wake boarding, swimming, hiking/biking, rock climbing, and personal training. These sessions are 1-3 hours in length and require reservations. A wonderful supplemental activity that supports the generalization of NSA goals into natural and functional environments.

Developmental delay encompasses anyone who has neurological delays or is delayed from their chronological age for any reason. Our goal is not to exclude any child based on diagnosis, or lack of diagnosis, and to make our programs/events open to the entire special needs community.

We've been helping Houston area kids, ages 6-Adult, with Autism & other developmental delays enjoy Xtreme Sports! Brandon Abel, founder of AOR, works with kids both individually and in groups.

"It's not just about the activity," he says. "It's about overcoming fear, gaining confidence, and finding balance both internally and externally, but doing it all in a super fun & challenging way."

AOR participants can be found at Top Golf, Texas Rock Gym, or out on the trails and area lakes. Every little victory is celebrated. All competition is friendly, and there are never any losers. We know how to have FUN!