Abel Outdoor Recreation

Spending time outdoors, engaged in physical activity, is an excellent way to work on the Core Foundations for Learning. Currently, activities include wake boarding, swimming, hiking, biking and rock climbing. These sessions are 1-3 hours in length and require reservations. A wonderful supplemental activity that supports the generalization of NSA goals into natural and functional environments.

Developmental delay encompasses anyone who has neurological delays or is delayed from their chronological age for any reason. Our goal is not to exclude any child based on diagnosis, or lack of diagnosis, and to make our programs/events open to the entire special needs community.

We've been helping Houston area kids, ages 6-16, with Autism & other developmental delays enjoy Xtreme Sports! Brandon Abel, founder of AOR, works with kids both individually and in groups.

"It's not just about the activity," he says. "It's about overcoming fear, gaining confidence, and finding balance both internally and externally, but doing it all in a super fun & challenging way."

AOR kids can be found at Top Golf, Texas Rock Gym, or out on the trails and area lakes. Every little victory is celebrated. All competition is friendly, and there are never any losers. We know how to have FUN!