Reyna Fernandes has had the privilege of working with children for 13 years; 12 of which have been with children on the Autism spectrum. Reyna graduated from the University of Houston(Main) with a double degree in Psychology and Sociology. Reyna’s experience includes training on the Montessori Method of education, ABA, cognitive training, and diagnostic assessments.

She began providing services as a consultant at the Next Step Academy in 2011, and began working here in 2012.

Reyna acquired training in a variety of modalities during her time at NSA including Bal-a-Vis-X, Movement Exploration, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, RDI, and RMTi. Reyna is passionate about equipping parents with additional tools to nurture their children’s growth through a collaborative process.

When she is not at work, Reyna enjoys life with her husband, Sheldon, her son, Gregory, and their dog, Lori!