Brandon has been teaching children through sports for almost 20 years. In 2010 Brandon began to apply his knowledge of coaching and outdoor recreation to teaching children with autism and other learning challenges. He recognized that developmental progress could be achieved through movement and that movement, for many children with autism, was a key component in unlocking attention and focus, calmness and readiness to learn. Brandon began using fun athletic activities, with an emphasis on rhythmic patterns and relationship building, and created the outdoor recreation program at The Next Step Academy. The outdoor recreation exercises taught by Brandon promote readiness for more advanced learning, teach children to have calm bodies and clear minds, provide opportunities for socialization and the development of leisure skills, in activities that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Currently, Brandon regularly teaches children with autism to rock climb, wakeboard, ride bikes, golf, swim, run, exercise and have fun through sports. He also coaches baseball, soccer and basketball through his local little league, where his children play.

Brandon attended Southwest Texas State, where he majored in Business Finance. He has a strong background in accounting and financial management, furthered by his entrepreneurship experiences in his early 20’s. This, coupled with his desire to see The Next Step Academy grow and accomplish its mission, makes him a wonderful addition to the corporate team as our Financial Manager.

When Brandon isn’t teaching outdoor recreation, or managing finances, he also lends his knowledge and expertise in construction to fixing and repairing almost anything that is needed within the NSA facility.

When he isn’t working, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children, and their dog. He also enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and fishing. He loves Jesus and feels so blessed to be part of The NextStep Academy.