Parents - Day Treatment Center

Our programs support the development of strong Core Foundational Skills for Learning, enabling students to grow in new and exciting ways. The individualized nature of our program, including small classroom sizes (max of 6) and small student to teacher ratios (1:1 or 2:1), provides the support our students need to get to the next step in their developmental process.

We integrate supplemental activities into our program:

Music Therapy      Performing Arts      Art Class      Cooking      Physical Education

Drum Class      Science Social Studies      Community Trips      Brain Gym

This classroom is designed for students who need the support of 1:1 instruction to be successful, however are ready for more group and peer interactions.

There is a large amount of emphasis on the Core Foundations for Learning, focusing much of the time on building neurological connections and resources, learning basic relationship skills for successful interactions with others, and developing a repertoire of functional behaviors that allow them to be an active participant in their environment.

Students in this classroom work certain periods of the day in direct instruction, and spend other parts of the day in dyads (2-person groups) or small group settings. Even when in a group, they continue to receive 1:1 instructional support from a teacher throughout the day. This is a developmentally based classroom and there is no average age range for this setting.