Parents - Day Treatment Center

This classroom is designed for students who are maturing into adolescents. It is designed to develop the independent self-care skills needed for real life, as well as encourage independent thinking, choice making, cognitive abilities and academics.

The Core Foundations for Learning are a key element in their day, and there is more exposure to more matured ways to organize the brain-body system (such as through exercise), to be in relationship with both peers and adults, and to conduct oneself in different environments.

At this level, the students are beginning to self-manage, make choices based on the outcomes they desire, and develop a greater sense of what their strengths and talents are. Teachers also expose students to different areas of vocation, looking for areas in which they may have a future job that they not only like, but can succeed at.

Although it is a developmentally based classroom, students in this class tend to range from 12-16 years old.