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The Next Step Academy offers a wide range and variety of therapeutic services. If you’re looking for intensive behavioral intervention, counseling services, help with assessment or movement based interventions, you’re in the right place.

Check out what we offer below, and give us a call today to start your journey towards positive life change.

“NSA deserves nothing less than our highest possible recommendation and praise, and our heartfelt gratitude for life...Our son needed an incredible amount of attention to teach him new tools to cope and regulate himself (which he clearly didn't have and nobody knew/thought to teach him) - NSA gave that to him.” ~ Former NSA Parent 

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Navigating Autism and other special needs diagnoses can be difficult, confusing and intense. If you’re unsure what to do, then a private consultation with one of our experts may be the best and fastest way to get you what you need. Contact us today to speak to a specialist who can help you in navigating and figuring out what to do next.

Pricing varies based on needs and level of support.
For more information, or to get started, contact Bekka Chambers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Behavior Analysis is the scientific study of behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis, and the procedures and technology derived from those principles, to the solution of problems of social significance.

Psychotherapy, also commonly called “talk therapy” or counseling, is an effective way to help children and adults learn to better cope with the stressors of life, emotional difficulties, and symptoms associated with a variety of disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Autism, trauma...etc). Psychotherapy can help a person to feel better, function better, improve well-being and overall health.

For many families, finding a provider to conduct an assessment can be a long and laborious process. Waiting lists can be long and only delay access to early intervention. At NSA, we strive to ensure that assessments are provided in a timely manner and that the process is as smooth and easy as possible.

Crisis is a normal, critical part of life.

Crisis occurs anytime an individual does not have the resources to cope with a stressor. Crisis is not an illness or something to be avoided, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. 

Primitive and Postural Reflexes are an essential part of the human experience and a critical foundation, upon which many other skills and abilities are built. Reflexes are teachers of movement and they support us in developing strong and efficient neurological connections, which make learning easier. The theory is that by strengthening the foundation, everything that is underpinned by the foundation is also strengthened. 

Bal-A-Vis-X is a set of tools that focus on improving Balance, Auditory and Visual Processing through Movement. Developed by Bill Hubert, Bal-A-Vis-X exercises utilize beanbags and balls, and are specifically designed to improve critical areas of development, supporting the individual in establishing reliable access to more resources.

Brain Gym® is a specific approach to learning challenges that utilizes intentional movement to optimize the learning process in order to reduce stress and increase success. The activities used in the Brain Gym® program focus on the development of the coordination between the eyes, ears, hands and whole body.