About Us:

The Next Step Academy has been changing lives through therapeutic education since 2005. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and specialize in working with individuals who have Autism (ASD) and other developmental delays. We offer full time, part time and supplemental services in an environment that encourages children and young adults to learn, grow and achieve greater independence. We offer effective therapeutic approaches and educational interventions in a dynamic and innovative way.

What makes us unique:

Anyone who knows anything about Autism and other learning challenges knows that the only thing people with the same diagnosis likely have in common is their diagnosis, and that customized programming is the key to success. This customized, individualized approach to programming can be difficult to find in other places, but is guaranteed at NSA.

To ensure customization, we’ve developed a one of a kind framework for service delivery called The IDEA Learning System. The IDEA Learning System allows us to implement effective intervention programs that address the needs of the child at every level of development, taking a integrated, comprehensive and whole child approach. The results are significant and lasting social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes. We deliver our services in small ratios, with many of our services being provided in a 1:1 environment to maximize progress for the individual. We specifically program for generalization to ensure that learning can transfer to a group setting, and when the child is ready we begin to expand the learning environment and if possible, transition the child to a lesser restrictive environment.

What is the IDEA Learning System?

Integrated. Developmental. Educational. Approach to Learning.

Our learning system is one of a kind framework that focuses on the comprehensive development of the individual, by addressing the root causes of problems and difficulties and teaching new skills. Our system allows us to utilize the most effective interventions available and to organize them in a way that maximizes growth for the child. Our system focuses on 3 primary areas of development:

Core Foundation Abilities 

Learning Readiness Abilities

Cognitive and Academic Abilities